It all started with an unusually spacious kitchen area in a typical flat in Singapore when L and I just got our first marital home a few years back.

It had brought countless arguments between us on how the flat should be renovated especially the kitchen. I asked for a L-shape kitchen layout with a wide preparation space, a built-in oven, a versatile drawer unit etc and those seemed to be too much for L who doesn’t cook. He could hardly imagine how a kitchen can be so different from our parents’. Despite so many disagreements, L granted most of the items in my wish list while he was still in doubt. So I happily and gradually fill up my kitchen with different cooking pots, utensils, flours, herbs and spices, vinaigrettes etc., which all of them again creating tiny conflicts in our daily life.

Most of the time, I stand in front of my kitchen counter preparing a dinner for us (L, I and my younger sister, W). As I’m facing the sunset,  it’s a little frustrated to get a 3-dish Chinese dinner done after a tiring working day. However, more often in the lovely weekends, I walk into my kitchen as the bright sunlight through the white windows falls on the white tiles and the kitchen top. That moment has always been magically motivating. It drives me to try out interesting recipes from various sources or even my own spontaneous ideas. Those dishes in the weekend were usually adventurous, tedious and sometimes pricy. It isn’t about getting a fast practical meal to feed the family but experimenting recipes which in fact, the cooking process itself comforts me more than the good food produced. So yes, despite all the comments I’ve got about my crazily packed kitchen, I am still having my own fun like making tomatoe salsa or getting a chocolate souffle out of the oven even at the late night. I can’t help but constantly seeking serenity in my kitchen because that’s the moment I can be fully detached from my PhD life.

One day, I realised L has joined me more frequently in the kitchen. Cooking became the only activity we do together as a married couple and we have talked more about things in life over that kitchen counter, starting from food. L used to plugged in his laptop on the white kitchen top with his coffee while I was preparing a weekend brunch for us. That always reminds me about those days I sat down and talked nonstop to my mum who was busy cooking our meal in the kitchen.

Life has never been so lively to me.

By having this blog, I truly wish I could share those beautiful moments in my life with my family members whom I don’t get to meet everyday. I will be more than happy if this could touch the softest spot of my loved ones, be it family or friends, as well as anyone who finds these things comforting in any sense.

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