Tea party 2015

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Honestly, I don’t remember I was ever into those cooking games and tea party with barbie dolls when I was a little girl. All I did back then was running around the village with my elder brother, climbing up fruit trees and rooftop besides playing Lego. Strangely, I started to enjoy tea time quite much in recent years. It is always enjoyable to hang out with my bff in a cafe or tea lounge with great tea, desserts and finger foods.

As I am getting more and more confident preparing a meal (usually a dinner party) for a group of people, I started to get myself into the tea party, thinking that it will be easier than the dinner. Oh I was totally wrong, I started my first tea party with total mess and overloaded cooking and washing. L has been my poor assistant in those hectic weekends to set up a tea party at home. Tiny desserts look so cute lovely but they are harder to managed than a roast meat for six! Sometimes I got really disappointed the tea party outcome that didn’t fit my expectation, from the food quality to the set up. What came worse was for most of the time, I just got myself too tired to enjoy my own tea party.

“You are too ambitious.” L nagged me for many times about my party planning.  He was right.

So now I spent more time in planning the menu than the actual preparation time for every party. It usually take days to weeks to set a good combination of food that is manageable to me and appealing to the guest. For this time, I finally managed to get a tea party done all by my own without heavy workload. This was  the first time I enjoyed the food and the party as much as my guests. I got us wasabi prawns on rice crackers, truffle fries, mini passionfruit tartlets with raspberries, mini fruit cups, scones with jam and a chocolaty bread cake from my lovely guest.  Everything was nice maybe except the hot weather and my little scones that didn’t rise well due to the poor quality baking powder. However, I guess none of us thought that were serious problems. We chat and laughed over the food and many of us skipped the dinner afterwards.

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Good food with good friends, it is something I really appreciated in life. Tea party is the icing on the cake, it is not necessary to get a formal party set up but it is just another thing that I enjoyed doing.  🙂

Stay tuned for the upcoming recipe for mini passionfruit tartlets with raspberries and you can get the recipe for the scones here as well.

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